Debt mediation is a concept new to consumers and not well known or widely utilized. At Green Credit we are proud to offer this service. Debt restructuring includes seeking loan modifications for your mortgage, working with your credit cards to renegotiate your interest rates, lowering payments on credit cards and car loans even obtaining a reprieve on your payments to help you get back on top of your financial circumstances. Once a month your account manager will make a courtesy call to make sure everything is on plan. If you have any new information or questions your account manager will assist you at that time.

You will also be given a direct line to call anytime with questions or concerns.
Debt Negotiation offers a solution for clients who don’t want to avoid bankruptcy. An experienced debt settlement company can settle your debt for as little as .40-.60 cents on the dollar. This could greatly improve your monthly cash flow and help get you back on the road to financial health.

Even though the debt negotiation process has helped hundreds of clients, there are risks involved so it isn’t the right choice for everyone. When you work with Green Credit we make sure we offer the best process for our clients, and that they clearly understand pros and cons to every option.

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