Debt Settlement

Debt settlement is a plan to renegotiate the amount of debt you owe so that the amount paid is less than the full balance yet still accepted as full payment of the debt. Countless consumers who have a financial hardship find that debt settlement is the best method for their circumstances.

Debt settlement depends heavily on using the correct approach and your commitment to the process. At Streff Financial LLC we use proprietary techniques to save you money and preserve and restore your credit at the same time. We are the only company that can offer this service to you. Your approval is required before any settlement is approved and finalized with your creditors and written documentation is obtained for every settlement to ensure your protection before any creditor is paid.

Debt Restructuring is a concept new to consumers and not well known or widely utilized. At Streff Financial we are proud to offer this service to our customers. Debt Restructuring includes seeking loan modifications for your mortgage, working with your credit cards to renegotiate your interest rates, lowering payments on credit cards and car loans even obtaining a reprieve on your payments to help you get back on top of your financial circumstances. Once a month your account manager will make a courtesy call to make sure everything is on plan. If you have any new information or questions your account manager will assist you at that time. You will also be given a direct line to call anytime with questions or concerns.

Debt Negotiation offers the ideal solution for a large number of clients who don't want to or are not eligible for bankruptcy. A good experienced debt settlement company can settle your debts for as little as .40-.60 cents on the dollar. This could greatly improve your monthly financial cash flow situation and be the right choice for you to get back on the road to financial health.
The Risks

Debt Settlements and Negotiations have their setbacks. Serious damage to your credit is the first. Most companies just want to settle your debts and collect their fee. They have no regard for the consequences it will have on your credit report and ability to re-establish credit. Another setback can be the fees these companies charge. Most companies will charge 15-25% of the total amount you owe. Ouch!!! There are also potential legal consequences to settling debt.  Please consult an attorney to fully understand your individual circumstances.  Lewis, Pfanstiel and Williams Law is a great rescorce for these questions.  402-505-6937

Debt Settlement/Negotiation and Credit Repair each have their benefits on their own. We encourage you to research this and make an informed decision before choosing a company to help you through this. You will find Green Credit LLC family of companies is in a league of its own. We have combined our services to make sure you the client have the most positive outcome. During our initial consultation we will go over your lender credit report line by line and explain to you what each item is and what they mean to you.