Loss Mitigation / Loan Modification

A Loss Mitigation Specialist is commonly referred to as a Loss Mitigator. These individuals can handle Short Sales, Foreclosures, Forbearances, Loan Modifications, Repayments, Deed-in-Lieu, etc.

However, some people are not aware that Investors that work with pre-foreclosure or foreclosure clients may also have a "Loss Mitigation Department" and hire Loss Mitigation Specialists to work with lenders.

The term "mitigation" simply means to mitigate or "control or manage" a certain loss amount. So... although commonly known for only banks to hire, Loss Mitigation Specialists can be anyone assisting in controlling of loss for the asset in question. These individuals are usually found working in the short sale investing arena.

The Green Credit family of companies will not assist consumers by giving them support in the Mitigation/Modification of their mortgage.  Ultimately it is the consumers responsibility to oversee the Mitigation/Modification process. Green Credit will not assume ANY responsibility for the entire Mitigation/Modification process. Green Credit's family of companies is solely providing support and educational tools to help assure the consumer is well informed throughout the Mitigation/Modification process.